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Sunny Peace Prairie - 2019 Bird Count

A total of 49 species were recorded by Quentin Yoerger and Aaron Haycraft at the Sunny Peace Prairie. Click HERE for the complete list.

This bird count will become part of the database documenting the soil conditions along with the plant, mammal, and bird populations at the property prior to completing the restoration. Having this beginning database will allow us to track the changes over time due to the land being restored. We expect all our initial database records to indicate vast changes in future years due to the restoration work being conducted on the property.

It was fascinating to watch Quentin and Aaron work. Most identification was done by listening to bird calls. It was also interesting to note that an app on a smart phone makes a convenient way to record the counts. Technology is for the birds!

Quentin and Aaron doing good birding at the Sunny Peace Prairie

There is a short two minute video about the bird count on our YouTube channel. Go to and search for Green-Rock Audubon. You will find the video there. Enjoy.

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