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January 20, 2024    11am

2nd Engagement meeting @ Hedberg Public Library, Janesville (Friends meeting room)

Come discuss ideas for programs, field trips, and other engagement activities for 2024

If you are unable to attend but have ideas, please forward to Advocacy and Engagement Chair Susan Johnson

Protecting land with conservation easements.

The Green-Rock Audubon helps protect seven acres located along the shores of Decatur Lake in Brodhead, Wisconsin.  Theodore Odell placed a conservation easement on this property in 2005 to preserve and protect the conservation values of the property.  The Green-Rock Audubon Society holds this conservation easement and has the responsibility to assure that the terms of the easement are maintained perpetually into the future.  To this end, the society must make an annual visit to the property to make sure the covenants specified in the easement are being maintained.

Norm Aulabaugh and Eva Kuzmanich performed this inspection for 2019 and certified the terms of the easement were being upheld.  The Odell property has recently been donated to the Southern Wisconsin Land Conservancy which is doing a prairie restoration at the former Decatur Lake Golf Course.  The Odell property is adjacent to this restoration and will be an important part of this restoration effort.  The photo below is Eva Kuzmanich standing next to one of the wonderful old Oak trees on the property.









Restoration help needed. 


Work involves cutting trees and brush, planting trees and shrubs, eliminating garlic mustard, mowing, etc.  Work parties are usually held on Friday’s from 8 AM until noon but work is sometimes scheduled at other times.  Good fellowship.  Good cookies at break time.  Good exercise!


The best way to participate is to let Land Manager, Victor Illichman know you would like to help.  Victor can then put you on his email list and include you on his work day announcements.  Then you can decide if you can help as each work day event is scheduled.  Call victor, or email him with your email address. Victor will take it from there. 

Phone 608-302-8113.  Email 

The group usually meets at their storage shed near 7355 Cleophas Rd. Beloit, WI.

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