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G-RAS runs on volunteers. From our board members to our trail-mowers to our letter writers, our success is driven by curious, nature-loving, nurturing, people who care. We cannot thank everyone enough.


If you want to be part of an active team of environmental do-gooders, Volunteer with G-RAS!


Opportunities include habitat restoration, planning or leading educational programs, advocating for environmental issues, and more. To find out more call Neil at 608-752-8342 or contact us by email below!

Sign-Up for Habitat Restoration Team Invites

To become a Habitat Restoration Volunteer, it's as simple as meeting us in the woods. Most regular workdays take place on Fridays.  Our volunteers communicate through email. To get invitations to volunteer events and weather rescheduling, join the Habitat Restoration email list. 

Join Habitat Restoration List.

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Volunteer as...

Whether you have a specific idea or are just thinking about how to get involved, give us a call or send us an email. 

Call past president, Neil's  Deupree:  608-752-8342

Thanks! Message sent.

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