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Education is a top priority. Kay Deupree & Bee Trimm get ready to meet families at the fair.


In recognition and thankfulness to the Gibbs Family, Green-Rock Audubon Society offers scholarships to promote conservation education, environment and climate sciences, and love of wild places and species through higher education and other educational experiences.
The criteria on which applications will be judged are listed in order of importance. Each application is to
be reviewed by a committee and will be judged on the merit of one or more of the following:

  1.  The applicant resides in Rock County, Green County, or Lafayette County, Wisconsin.

  2. The applicant has the intention of studying biology, geology, environmental science, conservation, or other subjects related to the mission of Green-Rock Audubon.

  3. The applicant’s written reason and commitment are worthy of funding.

  4. The applicant self-identifies as a minority in their field of study.

  5.  Green-Rock Audubon reserves the right to withhold awards in a given year.

Due Dates
Scholarship applications will be due Apr. 20th. Committee will review in April & May. Awards will be
announced by June 1st.

Scholarship Amounts
Two scholarships in the amount of $1000 each will be awarded to higher education students.
Scholarships are also available to students of all ages for other learning opportunities, such as summer
camps, if they meet the field of study criteria.

How to Apply
Application essays will answer the following question in 1-2 pages and can be submitted by filling out the submission form corresponding to the scholarship for which you are applying. (Please copy and paste essay text.)

College Scholarship Question:

What facet of environmental studies are you focused on? How do you
believe your higher education will positively affect the future of the environment? Please make sure
your essay submissions are typed, double-spaced, and 11 point readable font. Be sure to include your
name, year of study, intended major, and the name of the higher education institution you will attend.








Camp Scholarship Question:

How do you expect your camp experience to positively affect you and your
community? Please include your name, age, and the name of the camp you wish to attend. Also,
answer: Will you attend this camp if you do not receive the scholarship?

Thanks! Your essay has been submitted.

Thanks! Your essay has been submitted.

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