Earth Day 2020

Snippets from the March 30, 2020 New York Times International Edition. Roger Cohen: “This is the silent spring. The planet has gone quiet, so quiet you can almost hear it whirling around the sun . . . . Do things differently at the other end of this scourge, some mystic voice murmurs, do them more equitably, more ecologically, or you will be smitten again. Nature as Rachel Carson chronicled in her Silent Spring, published 58 years ago, is telling us something.” Ian Buruma in a piece titled, “Virus as metaphor” quoted Charles Darwin, “Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout t

The Ultimate Surrender - why I have called a truce with Alliaria petiolate.

My experience with garlic mustard goes back to 1970 when my bride and I honeymooned in Peninsula State Park. The park naturalist gave us a few plastic bags about the size of the plastic bags you get in the grocery store if you are not ecologically minded enough to bring your own reusable bags. We dutifully pulled the invasive at our campsite and felt proud when we deposited a bag or two at our campsite post where park personnel would collect them. I learned the infestation had started a few years earlier along the Sunset Bike Trail in the area between the North Nicolet Bay campground and the Welcker’s Point Campground. The small patch, just a few feet in diameter, spread rapidly. Bicycle

Brookies on the East Fork

Report from Peter Lamar who regularly fishes Raccoon Creek which flows through the Gabower-Reilly property: I caught a few Brookies on the East Fork this afternoon without trying very hard. Those are some spectacular colors for a fish that is six months away from spawning. I caught a couple that were smaller than the fish in the image and saw a lot of fish that were smaller still. That’s good news because it means spawning has been successful for multiple recent year classes.

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